Multimodule Admin


The ScoreNotch MultiModule feature provides enhanced gamification with the ability to separate users based on multiple communities, profiles, groups, etc.

Configuring Modules

Step 1: Creating a Module

  • Go to App Launcher and search for “ScoreNotch”.

  • After clicking, the subsequent screen will appear.

Step 2: Configuring the Module

  1. Users can set up the Module as per business requirement.

  2. Enter the Module details.

    • Module Name: Provide a Name for future reference.

    • Module Status: Select “Enable” to activate the Module else it can be activated later as well.

    • Description: Provide the Description for easier future reference.

    • Module Type: Choose the Module Type.

      • Based on Profile/Group

      • Community

    • Add Community URL: Url of the active community will be auto-populated if Module type is selected as community.

  • Once done click “Save”.

  • Once all the Required fields are filled, a success popup will appear stating that Module is created successfully.

Step 3: Editing a Module

By clicking on Edit Module, users can edit the chosen module and make modifications in it. Whenever the user edits the module the fields will be auto-populated.

Step 4: Enable or Disable Button

The toggle button can be used to Enable or Disable gamification for a specific module. If the admin disables the toggle button, The respective audience will no longer be able to earn points, batches, or complete missions related to that module.

Step 5: Configure Scoring

Select "Configure Scoring"and a Configuration screen for the corresponding module will be displayed as shown below.

Whenever the user clicks the Configure Scoring, Configuration screen will appear.